Duo have joint policing mission for county

Neil Rhodes and Alan Hardwick
Neil Rhodes and Alan Hardwick

Lincolnshire Chief Constable Neil Rhodes has vowed to work with police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick to ensure there are no cuts in officer numbers.

Mr Rhodes backed his colleague’s call to recruit 1,000 new volunteers and pledged to secure a fairer funding deal for Lincolnshire from central Government.

Mr Rhodes said: “We’ve got 1,100 officers across the county. It’s always a struggle with the level of funding to sustain officers at that level but I’ll be working very hard with the police and crime commissioner to do just that and we’re confident we can sustain those levels for the next two years.”

Mr Rhodes feels volunteers have a vital role in making communities even 

On funding, Mr Rhodes accepted that nationally, further cuts in Government money would mean fewer officers.

However, he vowed to join Mr Hardwick in the fight for a ‘fairer funding’ deal for Lincolnshire.

He said: “We currently have the lowest priced officers in terms of cost per head of population in the entire country.

“That means we are one of the most cost effective forces in the country but communities in Lincolnshire carry a disproportionate share of that cost.

“If I look into my crystal ball, what’s clear to me is that in policing nationally there will be less money.

“Less money can only mean fewer officers. It is my absolute priority to make sure Lincolnshire gets a fair share of that funding.”

Mr Rhodes admitted he was relishing focussing on day-to-day policing 
matters after his suspension saga.

He added: “I am looking forward to meeting a group of inspectors who are responsible for policing the Eastern side of Lincolnshire. They are a tremendous bunch of people.

“I am then back to HQ to talk to 24 new recruits.

“What is really good is that despite the financial challenges and the tough times, 24 bright, young, fresh coppers will be pounding 
the beat very shortly.”