Duo ordered to pay out for damaging cars in Boston town centre spat

Court news.
Court news.

Two men have been ordered to pay out compensation after damaging two cars in a town centre spat with a taxi driver in Boston.

Ashley Stephen Place, 19, and Benjamin Teft, 24, appeared at Boston MagistrDates’ Court on Wednesday pleading guilty to charges of criminal damage.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said the owner of the first car Andrew Lucas, a taxi driver, had been sitting in his Mercedes when the partner of Teft, of no fixed abode, approached the car and began yelling at him.

Ms Stace said Mr Lucas had previously had a relationship with the woman. She said Teft then approached the car and ‘kicked hard on the mirrors, door and window’.

She said Mr Lucas got out the car and ‘began to defend his property’ forcing Teft to retreat, however as he got back in the car to call police Place came over and kicked the driver’s door. When Mr Lucas phoned police he also moved away.

Ms Stace said another witness Laisyvydas Zibalas had described waiting for his father in his Vauxhall in the Market Place and seeing Place, of Woodville Road, Boston, try to jump across his bonnet but fall off, damaging both rear view mirrors in the process.

Defending Teft, Mike Alexander said there was history between his current partner and Mr Lucas to the extent that when Teft’s partner found she was pregnant Mr Lucas had claimed it was his – which Mr Alexander said it was not.

Mr Alexander said on this occasion the group were wandering through town after drinking at Boston Bowl, when Mr Lucas had stuck two fingers up at them from his taxi and Teft had reacted.

He said: “He realised at that stage he had gone over the top.”

Mr Alexander raised concerns that Mr Lucas had messaged Teft’s partner on Wednesday morning saying the court case had landed on his birthday and that he was happy with his ‘birthday surprise’.

He said the text message suggested she should ‘get used to the to the place because she would be there a lot’.

Defending Place, Andrew Goldsborough said he had kicked Mr Lucas’ car after he had attempted to hit Teft but missed and hit him instead.

Magistrates gave Place a 24 month conditional discharge, taking no action on one that was already in place. He was also asked to pay £161 compensation for the Mercedes, £15 victim surcharge, £85 costs and £300 compensation for the damage to the Vauxhall.

Teft was given an 18 month conditional discharge and asked to pay £161 compensation for the Mercedes, £15 victim surcharge and £85 costs.