Ex-detective now offers advice to crime writers

Stuart Gibbon
Stuart Gibbon

A former Lincolnshire Police detective has taken a novel approach to retirement by launching a consultancy offering advice and insight to aspiring crime writers, writes Kate Chapman...

Stuart Gibbon, 51, set up Gib Consultancy earlier this year and says the venture is a great way of putting the knowledge he gained during his police career to good use.

As well as offering the benefit of his 32 years’ police experience to writers, giving advice on subjects including murder investigations, forensics and police procedures, the former DCI is also available to give talks to groups and organisations on crime prevention and safety.

“It’s going really well, and I’m finding it very rewarding,” said Stuart, who worked on major crime cases all over the county in his time with Lincolnshire Police.

“It enables me to give something back and it means I can still use the expertise I have built up to help people.”

Stuart, based in Sleaford, launched his consultancy in January, and since then has advised several writers, including members of the prestigious Crime Writers’ Association, writing fiction and/or true crime to help them accurately portray police work. He also runs group workshops on murder investigation using factual case studies and media footage.

In addition Stuart travels the county giving talks to groups such as the Womens’ Institute, U3A, Probus and lunch clubs, on home security, bogus callers,, personal safety, mobile phone security and scammers.

“These have been incredibly popular so far, I’ve even taken bookings as far ahead as 2016,” he said.

“By providing access to relevant crime prevention literature and products, I’m helping to reduce the chances of such people becoming the victim of a crime.”

Stuart also runs a blog through his website www.gibconsultancy.co.uk which gives updates on local and national crime news.

○To find out more visit Stuart’s website or alternatively email him at enquiries@gibconsultancy.co.uk