Fake name driver caught out

A DISQUALIFIED driver was caught out after he failed to respond when police called the fake name he had given them, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told last week.

Mareks Kripsevics was stopped on John Adams Way on May 31, after police noticed a large crack along the windscreen, the prosecution said. When officers asked for his name, he said he was called Edgars, and handed over a driving licence bearing that name.

They took both the licence and 24-year-old Kripsevics to the police station to verify the licence, but after that was done and an officer went to hand it back, he did not respond when the name was called, said Marie Stace, prosecuting. In the meantime, a picture of disqualified driver Kripsevics, of Rose Place, Boston, was received and the officer made the connection, she said.

Kripsevics was given a 12-month ban in January for drink-driving. Appearing in court on Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, using a vehicle without third party insurance and using a driving licence with intent to deceive.

Mitigating, John Storer said he usually gets a lift to work with a friend, but on that day his friend had been ill so had lent him the car. When he was stopped he handed over the driving licence, which was in the car already, as he knew he would get in trouble for being disqualified.

Mr Storer added: “He accepts he made a spur of the moment decision to borrow the vehicle because he was frightened of losing his job by not turning up. He is a single man living here alone but he has a disabled mother and father back in Latvia and he supports them.”

He will be sentenced on July 2 following reports.