Fined for hygiene

A LANDLADY has been fined for failing to comply with a food hygiene improvement notice issued by Boston Borough Council.

Lorraine Duncan, of the Moores Arms, in Frampton, pleaded guilty to the charge at Boston Magistrates’ Court.

She was fined £1,300 and ordered to pay legal costs of more than £900 on Monday.

Principal environmental health officer Trevor Darnes said Mrs Duncan had been given support and time but poor standards were found on a number of inspections spanning back to August 2009.

A formal hygiene improvement notice requiring thorough cleaning of the premises was served by council food safety officers in July but by early August standards had slipped further.

However, Mr Darnes said an inspection in October had found improved hygiene standards and said the council would be working with the Moores Arms to ensure they are maintained.

Mrs Duncan told The Standard: “The standards are now being kept and if anybody would like to inspect the kitchens they are welcome to do so.

“We’re working with environmental health to see what their requirements are.”

A spokesman for the council said the results of food safety inspections can be checked by visiting