Former Boston male model who complained about police mug shot after going on run escapes prison sentence for smashing up car

The police mugshot released while Stephen Murphy was on the run, and the picture he posted on a newspaper's social media page
The police mugshot released while Stephen Murphy was on the run, and the picture he posted on a newspaper's social media page

A FORMER male model who dubbed himself the 'best looking man in town' and who skipped bail to avoid standing trial for smashing up his former partner's car, was given a suspended sentence by Boston Magistrates.

During a month on the run from Lincolnshire Police, Steven James Murphy, 33, of Ancaster Court, Boston, had complained to police and the media that they had used a less than flattering mugshot of him, before he was arrested on Tuesday (13th), posting a different image of himself at the same time.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said Murphy was due to stand trial on four allegations of damage and one of a public order offence at Boston Magistrates Court on July 9 but failed to appear, so a warrant was issued and the trial went ahead without him, resulting in his conviction.

Mr Clare said that on April 18 there was a 'high risk domestic risk' incident involving Murphy and his former partner Charlotte Woodcock, who separated about two years ago after a 15 year relationship.

He said Murphy turned up outside Ms Woodcock's home in St Nicholas Road, Boston where there was an argument and he scratched her car with the words 'slag' and 'dog' and also smashed the front and rear nearside windows, before leaving the scene.

Mr Clare said that on May 8, he texted her to say that he was going round to her house again and to 'hurry up' or he'd 'put a brick through both her windows'.

He said that when Murphy arrived at St Nicholas Road, he was aggressive and abusive to Ms Woodcock, kicking her Toyota car and throwing a wheelie bin at it.

When Ms Woodcock's mother, who has arthritis and has to walk with a stick, came out and spoke to him, he threw the bin at her and then smashed the car's wing mirror and glass.

He left on his bicycle before returning and throwing the bicycle at her car and swinging it towards her sister and then kicked the car again.

Mr Clare said Murphy had a 'number of convictions for violence' including against Ms Woodcock, for which he was sent to prison.

Mitigating, Michael Alexander said the couple had had a 15 year relationship but had been mainly apart since 2017.

He said Murphy understood he had behaved badly but wanted his relationship to work and that they had started seeing each other again.

“Although not perfect, the relationship is not going to stop,” he said and pointed out that he was not charged with assaulting her and that neither Ms Woodcock nor her sister wanted a restraining order against him.

The magistrates sentenced Murphy to a total of five months custody, suspended for two years and ordered him to carry out 15 days of rehabilitation.

They ordered an indefinite restraining order against him relating to Ms Kim Wilson, Ms Woodcock's mother, and ordered him to pay compensation for the damage caused and court costs totalling £2,574.