GALLERY: CCTV images of people suspected of urinating in the street in Boston

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Readers can help bring those who spoil our streets to justice by helping to name these people suspected of urinating in public.

The Standard has teamed up with Boston Borough Council to use CCTV images in a bid to try to track down those accused of litter offences and urinating in public.

CCTV image S

CCTV image S

This week we feature the next batch of faces of those the council would like help to identify.

All eight of the people on this page are alleged to have been caught on camera urinating in the street in August and September of this year.

The details are:

○ Picture S (incident 10880), August 15, 3.17am, three men in council car park

○ W(10933), August 21, 12,49pm, alleyway between Municipal Buildings and Wickes

○ X (10938), August 22, 1.40am, Bridge Street

○ H (109952), August 27, 11.15pm, grounds of St Botolph’s Church

○ K (11175), September 19, 5.52pm, cinema car park

○ L (11208), September 26, 3.20am, Market Place

Speaking about the use of CCTV to tackle such offences, Coun Stephen Woodliffe, portfolio holder for environmental health and community safety, said: “As with all operational use of CCTV, those who are doing nothing wrong will have nothing to fear. It’s quite correct that we use this technology to ensure those who choose to break the rules are brought to book and that their activities do not limit the enjoyment of the environment which everyone has a right to.

“We will use all means at our disposal, including CCTV, to keep our streets clean and safe for both residents and visitors. I can assure everyone that the borough’s CCTV technology is only used to detect or deter anti-social behaviour and criminal actions, thereby defending the interests and welfare of all law-abiding members of the public.”

After January 31 spitting will be treated in exactly the same way as littering and the penalty will be a £75 fine.

Anyone who can identify any of these should call Boston Borough Council on 01205 314200 and ask for the environmental enforcement team or write to: Litter Campaign, Environmental Enforcement Team, Boston Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, PE21 8QR or email All information passed on will remain confidential. Fixed penalty notices will be issued to offenders who are proven to have committed the act requiring a £75 fine to be paid.