BAD blood between two Boston men spilled over into a fight at the town’s branch of JobCentre Plus, a court was told.

One of them was 28-year-old Norman Archer (also known as Norman Jones) who admitted assaulting Jordan Trainer on June 7.

Prosecuting Jim Clare said there had been two scuffles, in the first of which the pair had grappled and traded punches.

Archer left the scene but came back later with a rounders bat with which he attempted to strike Mr Trainer, who is 18, but he was disarmed by the complainant who handed the bat to a security officer.

The prosecutor said the second incident had occurred in front of other people at a busy time of day. He handed the Bench a photograph of the back injury caused to the complainant by the assault.

Mitigating, John Storer said Archer apologised for what happened but felt he had been provoked by Mr Trainer’s previous conduct toward him and his family.

According to the solicitor, this was ‘an isolated incident’ and his client was ‘getting his life in order’.

Appearing at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, Archer, who is on £55 a week benefits, was placed under a 12-week curfew order which requires him to reside at an address in Tunnard Street between 8pm and 7am each day over that period.

He was also ordered to pay £40 towards court costs, but no order was made for compensation.