‘Her eyes cried out help me’ - workers recall colleagues dramatic farmland death

Scene of a fatal incident at Leverton.
Scene of a fatal incident at Leverton.

“She was screaming and shouting. She was very pale and it seemed to me that she was crying out with her eyes ‘help me’.”

Those were the emotional words from gangleader Jarqu Kuzminych as she described at an inquest the moment co-worker Asta Juodiene was crushed to death in a farm accident in May last year.

A jury heard how, at about 6am, on May 15, Lithuanian-born Mrs Juodiene, 46, of South Terrace, Boston, was due to start work at Grant’s Farm, Leverton.

She and other workers from Iwona Recruitment turned up at the Baker’s-owned farm and walked towards the waiting tractor and trailer and planter.

However, while she was talking with co-workers with her back to the trailer, it reversed, pushing her over and trapping her under a wheel.

Ms Kuzminych said she heard colleagues shout and saw the trailer’s mud guard push Mrs Juodiene over.

She described how she went to help and grabbed her hand but noticed her leg was trapped under the wheel.

Ms Kuzminych said as others ran for help and shouted ‘stop’ at the tractor driver, Piotr Palac, she saw the wheel go over her.

She ran to the driver’s cabin alerting him that Mrs Juodiene was trapped underneath.

Mrs Juodiene died after her release from the trailer.

In a statement, Mr Palac said the incident had left him ‘very upset’, and that he could not stop thinking and reliving the moment.

It was disputed whether Mr Palac had warned the workers he was about to move.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death following a two-day hearing at Spalding’s Red Lion Quarter, which ended last Tuesday.