Illegal immigrant who was seen with a knife asking for drugs in a Boston street is jailed

Man appeared in court
Man appeared in court

An illegal immigrant who lived in Boston used a fake document in a bid to obtain a UK driving licence, Lincoln Crown Court was told today.

Kabir Hussain, who had over-stayed in the UK after arriving on a six month visa, submitting the document via a third party to the DVLA in a bid to get a licence but his application was not processed because the documents submitted were identified as fake.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said that several months later Hussain was arrested in the centre of Boston after police checked out reports of a man standing in the town's Market Place armed with a knife and asking people for drugs.

Mr Howes told the court: "The police received a report of a male with a knife asking for drugs.

"The defendant was approached and was searched. A knife was found in his right hand jacket pocket.

"A check on his ID showed he was wanted for fraud in relation to his attempt to obtain the driving licence.

"At the scene he handed over to police a Polish ID card. The officers spotted that it was fake"

The court was told that Hussain came to the UK from Bangladesh eight years ago on a six month visitors visa. When his visa ran out he remained in the UK illegally.

Hussain, 30, of South End, Boston, admitted fraudulently attempting to obtain a UK driving licence in February. He also admitted possession of a knife and possession of a false Polish ID Card on 18 September. He was jailed for 18 months and faces deportation when he is released from his sentence.

Neil Sands, in mitigation, said "During the period he was here unlawfully he didn't commit any offences or come to the attention of the authorities.

"He found himself drawn into a world of casual jobs with no security and he was living in poor conditions."

He said that Hussain paid £450 to a man who promised to obtain him a UK driving licence and later paid £2,000 for the fake Polish ID documents.

Mr Sands added "For someone working in the shadow economy that is a king's ransom. He handed over the money and what was produced was extremely poor. It was never going to pass even the most casual inspection from the authorities."