Inciting teen into pornography charge

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Court crest

Two people charged with inciting a girl under the age of 16 to be involved in pornography will appear at Lincoln Crown Court on Wednesday.

Deborah Jardine, 44, of The Street, in Latchingdon, and Steven Gough, 24, of Orston Drive, Woolaton, both appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court charged with inciting the girl into pornography in Boston.

In addition, Jardine was charged with arranging or facilitating an act which she believed another person would do in any part of the world, namely Nottingham, which would involve the commission of an offence under the Sexual Offences act - namely sexual 

Gough was also charged with two counts of sexually touching a girl under 16 and causing or inciting a girl under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity of a non-penetrative nature.

Jardine was represented by Roger Lowther, of Ringrose Law, while David Hallmark, of Bhatia Best Solicitors represented Gough.

Neither have indicated their pleas.

Last Wednesday, Boston Magistrates sent the case to Lincoln Crown Court for Wednesday, July 8, at 10am.

Both were given conditional bail with the conditions not to contact each other or the victims.

They were also not to have any unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 16.