Independent launches commissioner campaign and calls for politics to be kept away from policing

AN INDEPENDENT candidate has launched his campaign to become Lincolnshire’s police and crime commissioner and vowed that the tole should not become a ‘jobs for the boys’ position for one of the political parties.

Former chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council David Bowles has today begun his bid to get the role, which is up for election in November.

Mr Bowles said: “I do not follow a party line from London, instead I want to listen to what people in Lincolnshire think.

“I want them to get in touch and let me know what their concerns are about crime and policing in their areas and on their streets.”

He added: “The commissioner role should be independent of politics but by putting forward their own party political candidates they are treating it as more ‘jobs for the boys’.”

For a full piece on Mr Bowles and independent rival Mervyn Barrett OBE, plus lestest news from the police and crime commissioner race, see next week’s Boston Standard.

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