Independent to call for more special constables at police and crime commissioner launch

AN INDEPENDENT candidate will call for hundreds more special constables when he formally launches his bid to be Lincolnshire’s first police and crime commissioner today.

At an event in Louth David Bowles is set to call for a substantial increase in the number of part time recruits from 200 to more than 600.

Mr Bowles said: “I’ll fight for a better share of funding but notwithstanding that we need to live in the real world and recognise that even with much better funding, given the rural nature of Lincolnshire, it will always be difficult to respond to concerns about visible policing.

“Those who are promising to solve the problems of visible policing within the reducing manpower are being less than honest.”

Mr Bowles wants to see specials recruited from within their own villages to give the force a respected and visible presence.

He added: “I want to make it absolutely clear that this should not be seen as a substitute for a properly funded full-time police force which I will campaign hard for.

“However Lincolnshire is a huge county and this may be one way we can build better community involvement with our police. It is something we should be considering regardless of the cuts.”