Inspector praises fair-goers after better behaviour this year

Inspector Dave Rimmer in Boston Market Place.
Inspector Dave Rimmer in Boston Market Place.

Boston’s May Fair passed off without any major hitch this year, avoiding a repeat of last year’s problems.

Police said that throughout the event officers, staff from Boston Borough Council and fair security worked closely together to ensure it passed off safely.

They said 14 people were stopped and spoken to, and a further 20 were stopped and searched. 39 people had alcohol confiscated from them in respect of the Designated Public Place Order (DPPO).

Four people also had notices served on them to stay out of the area and were banned from coming back within 48 hours - one breached this notice and was arrested.

There were three further arrests for drunk and disorderly behaviour.

There were no assaults.

Community Policing Team Inspector for Boston Dave Rimmer said: “I am very happy with the way the fair has gone this year and proud of the way my officers conducted their duties.

“We were determined to prevent any problems and the methods we have employed with our partners at Boston Borough Council and the fair security Teams have been extremely successful in this regard.”

The force spokesman said policing was intelligence led and started even before the fair, with several people being spoken to about their behaviour for the forthcoming fair.

In addition any potential trouble makers were identified and spoken to at the earliest possible stage as soon as they were seen at or near the fair.

The spokesman said “These policing activities were proactive measures to prevent any further problems.”