Inspector says patrols have been upped in Boston since double murder to ease fear of crime

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

Patrols in Boston have been increased, with senior officers among those on the beat, according to the town’s chief inspector.

Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Insp Paul Timmins argued that the police do take account of public feelings and said the perceptions about what people feel in the town were ‘just as important as the reality of crime’.

His comments came after residents raised fears that the town was unsafe following the double murder on April 21, in which two people died of stab wounds in Red Lion Street.

He said: “To people who are feeling unsafe, we have upped our patrols in the Boston area for the purpose of public reassurance.

“If people are seeing or hearing things they’re worried about, please report them.”

He also defended Supt Kieran English after readers disputed a statement by the senior officer last week saying the town was safe in the aftermath of the killings.

Many questioned whether he knew the town well and pointed out that five people – Janusz Smoderek, Jan Pawel Stochnialek, Joao Costa, Darren Harwood and Charlotte Piccaver – have now been murdered in Boston since September 2011.

Chief Insp Timmins said their roles within the force often take them out into the towns across the county and said he liked to ‘stay in touch with that’s going on around the area’.

He said: “We’re aware that in Boston there is a feeling of unease within the town and myself and the rest of the senior management team will be out around Boston in the next few days ensuring we experience what people are saying there is.

“Mr English is a very proactive officer and spends a lot of time out on foot in the areas he’s got command of.”