Jail for metal bar attack on helpless victim

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A DRUNKEN man who carried out a savage attack on a helpless victim already injured from a previous assault was jailed for six years.

Lincoln Crown Court heard on Friday how Gary McCarthy struck Joseph Finney with a metal bar knocking him to the ground in Chapel Street, Boston, and then repeatedly punched him before stamping on him.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Mr Finney had been attacked moments earlier by three men in the courtyard to flats at Chapel Street.

The court heard that the attackers involved in the initial incident have never been identified.

But moments later witnesses saw McCarthy, 24, climb out of the window of one of the flats and strike Mr Finney with an iron bar.

Mr Finney was knocked to the floor and McCarthy then sat astride him and tried to strangle him before punching him several times in the face.

McCarthy shouted he was going to kill Mr Finney and then kicked him a number of times to the head before stamping on him.

Witnesses described McCarthy as kicking his victim hard to the head as if he was kicking a football.

Mr Finney was found by police lying in the road. One of the officers, who knew the victim, was unable to recognise him because of the extent of his injuries.

The victim was taken to Pilgrim Hospital where he was found to have multiple wounds to his head and hand. He had a broken bone in his right hand, a dislocated left thumb and injuries to his neck.

He later needed 18 stitches inserted in his head.

McCarthy was arrested after the trail of blood led to his flat nearby.

Mr Scott told the court: “McCarthy admitted he had been drinking heavily in the afternoon. he had eight cans of lager and a large bottle of cider. He had no recollection of the incident.”

McCarthy, of Chapel Street, Boston, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent on July 12.

Charles Snelling, defending, said: “He is sickened by his actions. It is clear he has had a problem with alcohol. There is a very strong link between his alcohol consumption and his offending.”

Mr Snelling said McCarthy’s drinking had become so bad he had experienced hallucinations and he is now well motivated to deal with his problem.

Judge Sean Morris ordered he should be the subject of an extended parole licence for a further four years on top of the six year sentence.