Jail sentence for having forged driving licence

A BANNED motorist who produced a forged driving licence has been jailed for 12 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Ramunas Bocys handed in a poorly forged driving licence to Boston Police Station after being stopped for speeding on Sleaford Road in Boston in the early hours of the morning.

The Lithuanian licence even carried a different surname to the one he had given when stopped on September 19.

Laura Pitman, prosecuting, told the court on Friday that Bocys, 33, claimed the officer who stopped him had recorded his name wrongly.

He said that when he saw the name on the speeding ticket was wrong he asked a friend to make him a new licence in the different name.

The court was told that Bocys was banned from driving in 2008 after appearing before a court in Dumfries, Scotland.

He was required to pass a UK driving test before being allowed back on the road but failed to do so.

Neil Sands, defending, said Bocys had been adhering to his driving ban but on the day he was stopped his lift to work had let him down so he decided to take a chance and drive.

Mr Sands said: “The situation is that if you don’t turn up for work then you don’t have a job the next day. The irony is that he has since lost his job.”

Bocys, of Hessle Court, Boston, admitted driving while disqualified, possession of a fake driving licence and having no insurance when he appeared in court.

Judge Sean Morris banned him from driving for a further 18 months. He said: “People who drive while disqualified and without insurance are a risk to other road users and cost the law abiding motorists a fortune.”