Jail term imposed

PERSISTENT failure to turn up for unpaid work appointments with the probation service has left a man facing 16 weeks behind bars.

Paul Hazzard, 34, breached the conditions of a suspended sentence imposed for theft when he did not arrive for the appointments, meaning magistrates had no choice but to hand him a prison sentence on Wednesday.

A representative from the probation service told the bench that Hazzard had turned up for the first appointment when he was informed of times and conditions of the work, but had neglected to show for a single appointment since then.

The 34-year-old admitted the breach.

In mitigation, John Storer said Hazzard’s life had spiralled out of control since he was given the sentence, as he had lost his job, his relationship had broken down and he had started using drugs again.

The solicitor added: “Realistically, adding any other requirements to the order is just going to result in him being back here for a breach.”

No address was given to the court for Hazzard.