Jilted lover threatened to his stab ex-girlfriend

A JILTED lover who mounted a campaign of threats and verbal abuse against his ex-girlfriend did so only because he was ‘desperate’, a court was told last week.

Thomas Roberts bombarded Demi Healey with texts, phone calls and online messages calling her abusive names and threatening her with violence after she ended their relationship, magistrates were told.

On several occasions, he threatened to stab her or injure her in other ways, the prosecution said.

The 22-year-old claimed he had never intended to carry out any of the threats made to Miss Healey, his solicitor said, but still pleaded guilty to harrassing her and putting her in fear of violence from August 18 to August 22.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Miss Healey had ended the couple’s relationship earlier in the year, but Roberts had found this difficult to accept, sending numerous texts and making other contact asking her if they could get back together and eventually becoming abusive. After she decided to give him another chance, and ended the relationship once again, his campaign of abuse returned, she added.

In a statement read out by Miss Stace, Miss Healey said: “He made me feel like I am something that belongs to him and I am not allowed to carry on my life without him. I just want it to stop.”

Phillipa Chatterton, defending, said the threats were simply Roberts’ way of coping with the distress of the break up.

She told the bench: “It was his first proper relationship and when it ended he was devastated.

“When the relationship ended a second time the devastation was twice as hard to deal with. He accepts he reverted to juvenile, immature behaviour with the possibility of getting a reaction.

“He didn’t wish her to think he would carry out these threats.”

Magistrates requested full probation reports before sentencing Roberts, of Cotton Road, Boston.