Jubilee fountain damage was done by nine-year-old boys

Dave Cadenhead with the vandalised fountain. DJ
Dave Cadenhead with the vandalised fountain. DJ

The damage done to Boston’s ‘lasting memorial’ to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee done by two nine-year-old boys.

Police confirmed the two boys were ‘misbehaving’ after a call came in from a member of the public at about 1.30pm.

The incident took place just hours after the fountain was reinstalled, after being vandalised within a week of first being unveild in June. It had been reinforced to make it ‘strengthened and toughened’.

However, the top tier was too small to be strengthened and the material used to ‘fix’ it in place had not dried before the boys climbed the fountain.

The stonework at the top of the fountain had to be removed and was fixed back on Monday.

A police spokesman said the incident had not been classed as criminal damage as it did not look as though it was malicious and the boys were below the ‘age of criminal responsibility.’ A Pcso will visit their school.

The fountain was originally installed at a cost of £1,000, the first restoration cost £800 and it was estimated this further repair would cost £200.

Council worker Dave Cadenhead repaired the fountain with colleague Ian Redden. He said: “I can’t understand it. Kids these days have got no respect for anything.”

Coun Yvonne Gunter added: “It is unfortunate that this minor damage happened so soon, before the final item fixed had time to be properly secure.

“It is a minor setback, but one which the council is determined to overcome.”