Judge says it was ‘miracle’ that dangerous driver did not kill anyone and jailed him for eight years

A JUDGE said it was a ‘miracle’ that a drink-driver who took roundabouts on the wrong side of the road and drove at 90 mph on his way home from a night out did not kill anyone and jailed him for eight months.

Vaidas Bauba’s driving drew the attention of an off duty police officer who dialled 999 after spotting him travelling out of Peterborough along the A15.

Catherine Chasemore, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court on Monday that the officer then followed Bauba, 25, of Langley Mews in Kirton, for more than 20 miles.

Bauba drove onto the A47 where he straddled the white line in the centre of the road before joining the A16.

“At Newborough he took a roundabout correctly but was weaving across the road.

“He took another roundabout the wrong way around. It was sheer good luck that the carriageway was clear.

“He continued along the A16 to Spalding. He hit the grass verge causing dirt to spray up and the travelled onto the opposite side of the road narrowly avoiding collision with an oncoming car which had to take evasive action driving onto it’s own verge.

“At the next roundabout he nearly lost control again ands as he left it he reached 90 mph.

“An unmarked Lincolnshire police car took up the pursuit at the Sutterton roundabout.

“The officer saw the defendant negotiate another roundabout the wrong way round. He then activated his sirens and blue lights and the defendant stopped.

“It is clear that the driver was showing all the signs of being drunk. He had red eyes and slurred speech.”

Bauba failed a roadside breath test and was subsequently found to have 91 mgs of alcohol per 100 mls of breath putting him close to three times the legal limit of 35 mgs.

Bauba, 25, of Langley Mews, Kirton, near Boston, admitted charges of dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol as a result of the incident in the early hours of April 7.

He was sent to prison for eight months and banned from driving for a year.

Judge Sean Morris told him “Lincolnshire roads are the most dangerous in England. A lot of that is to do with people who drink and drive.

“It is obvious here that you were so drunk you just resorted to driving on occasions as if you were in your own country.

“It is a miracle that you didn’t kill anyone.

“The message must go out that anybody who drinks and drives , and drives dangerously must expect to go to prison in order to deter others.”

Andrew Coley, defending, said Bauba was a hard working man who had never been in trouble with the law since arriving three years ago from Lithuania.

He said the only explanation Bauba could give for his driving was the amount he had to drink.

“It is perhaps fortuitous there was no accident or injury caused to anyone. He expresses his regret for this incident.”