Lincolnshire Police launch hare coursing operation

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Police have launched their annual campaign to combat hare coursing in the county.

Following last year’s successes, which stemmed from having a dedicated team looking at the issue, Lincolnshire Police is again running Operation Galileo.

Insp Andy Ham said: “Hare coursing, as well as being illegal, causes disruption and alarm to members of our rural communities. Evidence shows that people who participate in it are mainly involved in other forms of criminal activity and they usually come from outside Lincolnshire. ”

Last year, the newly-formed Operation Galileo Team dealt with a record number of offenders, with 186 men prosecuted, usually under the Gaming or Hunting Acts, and another 100 given warnings prior to commencing any coursing.

Consequently, the number of incidents reported to Lincolnshire Police was reduced by around 250, and was the lowest recorded number for at least five years. Police said the same period also saw a reduction in distraction burglaries.

Members of the public are encouraged to report suspicious activity straight away, ideally taking note of vehicle registrations, times and specific locations. Further information such as the make, colour and direction of travel of vehicles can be valuable.

Should you witness hare coursing actually taking place, you should ring 999.