Lincolnshire Police offer advice against metal theft in National Day of Action Against Rural Crime

As part of the National Day of Action Against Rural Crime Lincolnshire Police is reminding residents of preventative measures they can put in place.

Rural crime presents the police with a number of unique problems but the force claims a lot of advice given to residents in towns and cities is also relevant in the countryside.

Lincolnshire Police advise on rural crime.

Lincolnshire Police advise on rural crime.

Their advice pages contain a lot of tried and tested solutions to security problems as well as simple common sense advice about everything from CCTV through to the humble shed padlock.

Sgt Sharon Hall, Crime Prevention and Partnerships officer based at police headquarters, said: “A lot of theft that takes place in and around rural communities occurs in surroundings where risks of being seen or detected are low. Criminals can work quietly and meticulously if needed without being disturbed. This is especially true in the case of the theft of lead from church roofs and copper from agricultural buildings.

"The National Day of Action Against Rural Crime presents an opportunity to remind businesses and residents about just how effective the use of a loud alarm siren and good security lighting can be at stopping such crimes.”

East Midlands Crimestoppers and the Nation Farmer’s Union is supporting the day.

Lydia Patsalides, East Midlands regional manager for Crimestoppers, said: “Rural crime is often seen as less important than that that goes on in more urban or city areas, but that is simply not the case.

“Communities are affected in different ways, and rural crime can have a devastating effect on people’s lives and livelihood.

“This is why I am asking people for information they might have on rural crime affecting their area. It’s an opportunity to speak up for your community, while we ensure that no-one will know you have done so.”

The NFU’s Danny O’Shea said: “Crime in the countryside leaves victims devastated and businesses ruined. It has to stop. And with the National Day of Action Against Rural Crime, this blight on our rural areas will be brought into sharp focus.

“Rural crime is right at the top of farmers’ concerns and the NFU is here to highlight how vital it is that victims report incidents to the police – only then can we get a true picture of crime patterns in the countryside.

“We work closely with Lincolnshire Police to make sure the farming community knows the force takes rural crime very seriously and is determined to rid rural areas of thieves, fly-tippers and hare coursers.

“Report crimes, mark and photograph your valuables and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Let’s make the countryside a no-go area for criminals.”

In addition to the police force's website advice, they can also be contacted for specific advice at