Man accused of indecent exposure not allowed anonymity

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

A man accused of exposing himself and causing ‘alarm or distress’ has had his appeal for anonymity declined by a district judge today (Wednesday).

Jody Carter, 28, of Castle Square, Wyberton, is charged with indecent exposure on July 24 by ‘intentionally exposing his genitals’.

Ruth Harrod defending, applied for an order under Section 11 of the Contempt of Court Act at Boston Magistrates’ Court this morning, which would have meant Carter’s name could not be published in relation to court proceedings.

She said there was a concern that if his name and address was published, he and his neighbours would be in danger from ‘rubberneckers and vigilanties’.

She also raised concerns in relation to her client’s employment in the food industry where he deals with services and liaises with customers - which she said was a very close knit community in Boston, Spalding and the surrounding areas.

She added: “What causes me concern the most is the unusual first name and concern with the age of the alleged victims.

“There is likely to be high public interest and a lot of backlash and bad feeling in relation to this.”

However, District Judge Stobart said although Miss Harrod’s points were well made and he had considerable sympathy with Carter, he could not find reason within the Section 11 of the Contempt of Court Act.

He said: “Anonymity at the moment is very much the exception for the stand out cases rather than a rule.”

He added: “He must answer to his name and address.”

Carter pleaded not guilty to the charges.

District Judge Stobart then adjourned the case to Skegness’ Magistrates Court on May 15 and released him on unconditional bail.