Man assaulted police officer while being arrested

A MAN who tried to steal items from Brantano in Boston assaulted a police officer while he was being arrested, the town’s magistrates court was told.

Christopher Harrison, of Middlecott Close, kicked and repeatedly tried to bite the officer who tried to arrest him after he was caught trying to steal a pack of socks, a Nike wallet and a bottle of water from the shop at Boston Shopping Park on Friday, July 15.

On Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to attempted theft and assualt.

The offence was a breach of the young offenders’ licence imposed on the 20-year-old in May, which stated that he had to be well-behaved and commit no further offences within three months.

Magistrates sentenced Harrison to a 30-day prison stint for breaching the licence.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that prior to assalting the police officer he also tried to punch the security guard at the store, who had to push him to the ground to restrain him.

He added that Harrison persistently headbutted the cage in the back of the van which took him to the police station.

A probation report said that he was a prolific offender with many previous convictions, and he had recently been released from jail in Lincoln.

Liz Hart, defending, suggested to magistrates they should obtain a psychiactric report for Harrison, before sentencing him for the the most recent offence.

She said: “This is a young man who is a very prolific offender, but he is still not 21 years of age.”

He will return to the court for further review next month.