Man attacked wife in front of TV before dragging her and drowning her in the bath of Boston flat, murder trial jury told

Police in Elizabeth Road last year
Police in Elizabeth Road last year

A woman was attacked in front of the TV before being dragged into the bathroom and drowned in her Boston flat, a forensic scientist told a murder trial today.

Dr Neil Simpson, giving evidence on the sixth day of the trial of Gytis Griskevicius for the murder of his estranged wife, 33-year-old, Marina Erte, told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court that the Marina’s blood was discovered in both the living room and bathroom of her upstairs flat in Elizabeth Road, Boston.

Dr Simpson, a blood pattern analyst who examined the scene of the death, said “In my opinion the findings indicate that Marina Erte was assaulted in the living room.

“This has been in an area in front of the television where she has been bleeding.

“She has then been dragged into the bathroom where she has been further assaulted and has she has been placed in the bath.”

The jury has previously been told that Marina’s naked body was found in the bath at her home. The property was badly smoke damaged from a carpet being set fire to.

The prosecution alleges that Griskevicius celebrated his birthday with his housemates and then went to Marina’s flat where he severely beat her leaving her with a traumatic brain injury.

He is alleged to have placed her body in the bath and drowned her by holding a shower attachment against her face. He is alleged to have then set fire to the flat in a bid to destroy the property,

William Harbage QC, prosecuting, earlier told the jury that Griskevicius was jealous that Marina had formed a new relationship with another man.

Griskevicius, 32, of St Ann’s Lane, Boston, denies the murder of Marina Erte on 20 May 2016.

At the time of her death Marina Erte was working at the FESA fruit packing company in Spalding.

The trial continues.