Man broke pub window while ‘trying to break up argument’

AN ATTEMPT to end an argument caused a man to break the window of a town centre pub, a court was told.

Joseph Orrell tried to throw a bottle on the floor in a bid to end an altercation between his friend and another man, but misjudged the throw and it hit one of the windows of The Moon Under Water, causing about £100 of damage, Boston magistrates were told.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage on June 25 when he stood before the bench on Wednesday.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Orrell and a friend had been drinking in the Wetherspoon’s pub when his friend became involved in an argument. Orrell, who was on licence after being released early from a prison sentence, did not want to get involved in the fight, so threw down his bottle to try to end it.

Ms Stace said: “He did leave, but within 20 minutes he telephoned the public house, gave his name and contact details, apologised for his behaviour and offered to pay for the damage.”

Before he could pay up, he was recalled to prison on licence for another matter.

Phillipa Chatterton, defending, said the friend Orrell had been out with had a broken leg at the time of the incident, and Orrell was concerned he would have to become involved to help him out. She added: “It was a foolish action, perhaps because he had been drinking at the time, but it was for the right reasons, you could say.”

As Orrell is currently serving custody at HMP Ranby, magistrates were limited in their sentencing options, so said he had served a day’s custody in coming to court.