Man charged for slapping partner

A BOSTON man charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend claimed he lost his temper because she admitted she had been drink-driving, magistrates heard.

Richard Dale was alleged to have slapped his partner twice, pulled her hair and pushed her to the floor during an argument on June 3, when he accused her of seeing other men after she spent the previous evening in the pub with a male friend. The 26-year-old admitted assaulting Kim Coleman by beating when he appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Outlining the prosecution, Marie Stace said Miss Coleman had been to Dale’s house to speak to him as he had not responded to text messages, but when the pair got inside the house he swore at her and called her names, before slapping her face.

As the argument continued he slapped her again and pushed her to the ground, grabbing her hair in the process, Ms Stace said.

The prosecution solicitor added: “He said in interview he felt angry that Miss Coleman had gone to the pub with a male friend. He said he regretted his behaviour.”

However, in mitigation, John Storer said Dale, of Elizabeth Road, had tried to avoid arguing with his girlfriend, but she had wanted to discuss the issue. He added that it was only when she revealed that she had driven home after having had a drink that he lost his temper and slapped her.

Mr Storer added: “When he was 16 he lost his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s father in an accident because of a drink-driver. He knows that he shouldn’t have done what he has done. He should not have lost his temper.”

Dale was handed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 court costs.