Man committed ‘serious’ and ‘sinister’ assault on partner


The circumstances in which a man assaulted his partner have been described as ‘serious’ and ‘sinister’ by a deputy district judge.

Agars Vasilijus,29, of Sleaford Road, Boston, appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to affray.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare read a statement from the defendent’s partner which said Vasilijus came home on September 9 smelling of alcohol and was ‘agitated and angry’.

He said the couple had had problems – with the partner staying with her brother.

This caused an argument on that night in question.

Mr Clare said Vasilijus shouted and swore at his partner, calling her a prostitute.

He added the defendant also acted violently, throwing bread at her and forced her phone into her mouth. Mr Clare said Vasilijus told his upset son to shut up and threatened him with a table leg.

At the end of the argument he grabbed a kitchen knife and took it outside.

Mr Clare said in interview Vasilijus made a full and frank admission but said he didn’t harm his partner and just intended to scare her.

He said he didn’t remember the incident with her mobile and added that he hadn’t intended to use the knife but was going to use it to cut down a branch to ‘hit or threaten’ the little boy with.

In defence David Lee said Vasilijus accepted the charge and that there were aggravating features.

Deputy district judge Kevin Grego expressed concerns and said he considered his powers were ‘insufficient’ at magistrates’ level and decided to send Vasilijus to Lincoln Crown Court for sentencing, without bail.

He said: “The offence itself is a serious offence, in addition to that the circumstances described are serious and as I said, sinister.

“While I give credit for the plea you have entered, the circumstances described, in particular the threats you made to your ex-partner, leave me to view there’s a real and substantial risk you will offend if I grant you bail.”

Vaslijus will be sentenced in due course.