Man jailed for using counterfeit licence to apply for a real one

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A motorist who used a bogus Lithuanian driving licence in a bid to obtain a UK licence was today (Thursday) jailed for eight months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Edvinas Kilkus used the fraudulent document when he applied to the DVLA at Swansea for a UK licence that would have allowed him to drive HGV lorries.

Chris Geeson, prosecuting, said that Kilkus sent off the counterfeit Lithuanian licence but was foiled when his application was investigated by the agency’s fraud department.

Mr Geeson said the bogus licence was a good counterfeit copy but investigators quickly discovered it had been produced on an inkjet printer and was a forgery.

Kilkus was arrested in April but when first interviewed he claimed he had not committed an offence.

Mr Geeson said “He said that as far as he was concerned the licence was legal.”

Kilkus later admitted he paid £1,000 to a man he met on a beach in Lithuania and after a two day driving course was given the counterfeit licence which he confessed was “dodgy”.

Kilkus, 24, of Trinity Street, Boston, admitted possessing a false document with intent.

Liz Harte, defending, said her client was a hard-working man who had always been in employment since arriving in the UK three years ago.

She said “In every other area of his life he is an exemplary citizen. He has an extremely hard-working ethos. Since coming to the UK he has never been unemployed.”

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, told Kilkus that the offence was serious as if he had successfully been given a licence to drive HGVs he would have been driving heavy commercial vehicles on UK roads but would not have been insured.

The Judge said “This court has to send a deterrent message to others minded to do the same thing.”