Man knocked out in lapdance club assault

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardboston

An unprovoked assault on a stranger in a Boston lapdancing club left the victim knocked out with possible bleeding on the brain.

The victim suffered a fractured cheek bone, broken nose and potential bleeding on the brain when he was knocked out with a single punch in Dream Girls lap dancing club, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told.

On Wednesday, magistrates told Gary Jacques they did not believe their powers were sufficient to punish him for the incident on November 5, which they described as ‘a horrible offence’.

Marie Stace, for the prosecution, said the victim, Ainars Vasiljevs had been talking to people at the bar in the Craythorne Lane club, before going with one of the girls who works there to a pole, where she started to dance.

“There were people sitting nearby, but they weren’t paying any attention. Then, without warning, one of the males stood up and punched him on the face.

“His next memory was coming around on the floor,” Ms Stace said.

Mr Vasilijevs was taken to Pilgrim Hospital in an ambulance, and the extent of his injuries was revealed, she added.

A doctor’s report shows he suffered bruising and swelling around his right eye, multiple fractures to his nose, broken teeth, a broken cheekbone, a possible fracture on the other cheekbone and possible bruising on the brain.

The manager of Dream Girls, who witnessed the attack, said there had not been any problems from either of the men earlier in the night, the prosecution said.

Defending, John Storer, said he understood magistrates had no option but to send the case to Lincoln Crown Court for sentencing.

Jacques, of St Mary’s Way, Old Leake, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent.

He has been granted conditional bail until his appearance.