Man pays expensive price in court for hacksaw blade he found on Boston street and picked up to take home

Man who picked up blade ends up in court
Man who picked up blade ends up in court

A BOSTON man who picked up a hacksaw blade he found on the street because it was better than the one he had at home ended up being arrested and taken to court.

Krzysztof Zak, 39, of Pulvertoft Road, admitted possession of a bladed article when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said Zak was stopped by police in Orchard Street at 7.20pm on March 11 after being seen a short time before in Witham Bank by a PCSO, who thought he was in possession of a knife or something similar.

She said they found a hacksaw blade and a small amount of cannabis in his pockets and he told the officers he had seen the blade on the ground on his way home from work and had picked it up and decided to keep it as it was better than the one he already had.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said the blade had been lying in the street and pointed out that had Zak bought the blade at a DIY shop, he would have had a reasonable excuse for having it in his possession in a public place.

“There is no suggestion that he was waving it about or threatening anyone,” he said.

The magistrates said that possession of bladed articles was attracting a lot of attention at the moment but that they accepted he had just picked it up and so fined Zak £250 and ordered him to pay £115 in costs and charges.