Man’s cannabis farm discovered by police

Court news.
Court news.

Police uncovered a cannabis farm after carrying out a raid on a house , Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Officers forced entry to get into the rented property in Pipwellgate, Moulton Seas End, after receiving no answer when they arrived.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court last Thursday two upstairs bedrooms had been converted to grow cannabis with irrigation and lighting systems fitted.

The windows had been blacked out and a total of 50 cannabis plants were found capable of producing a large amount of the drug for sale on the streets.

Mr Howes said: “There was a clear commercial enterprise behind this. It had the hallmarks of a professional operation.

“The estimated yield was 2.51kgs. That would produce cannabis with a street value of just over £25,000.”

Police later arrested Valdas Kaubrys whose name was on the Council Tax register at the address.

Kaubrys’ fingerprints were found inside the property including on some of the plant pots and water bottles in the growing area.

The court was told another man alleged to have been involved has never been traced.

Kaubrys ,31, of Tower Street, Boston, admitted production of cannabis in September 2011. He was jailed for two years.

Thalia Maragh, defending said Kaubrys was not responsible for setting up the operation and did not gain financially from it.

Miss Maragh said he was a hard working man who no previous convictions and urged that any jail sentence should be suspended.