Man slashed two people with samurai sword over drugs deal

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith

A Boston man who carried out a samurai sword attack that left two victims with serious injuries has today been jailed for 27 months.

Christopher Smith, 41, of Franklin Close, Boston, grabbed hold of the weapon and slashed at his friend Scott Venables.

Mr Venables, who was sitting on the sofa of his flat in Puritan Way, Boston, put his right arm up to defend himself but suffered a severe cut.

The blade of the weapon went through a ligament and seriously damaged his elbow.

His girlfriend Jade Will, who was sitting next to him, was also cut by the single blow which Smith delivered using the weapon.

Robert Underwood, prosecuting, said Smith went to the property to discuss a drugs deal after sending £15 round for a wrap of amphetamine and failing to receive his order.

Mr Underwood said: “The purpose of his visit seems to have been to retrieve his money.

“Having got into the flat he picked up a brush handle and waved that around.

“He then picked up the Samurai sword and brought it down in the direction of Mr Venables. The weapon had been sheathed but at some point the sheath came off and it struck the raised arm of Scott Venables.

“During the course of that one movement not only was injury caused to Scott Venables but also to Miss Will. The end of the sword caused a significant injury to the thumb of her right hand. There was clearly lots of blood and Christopher Smith then left the flat.”

Emergency services were called to the scene and Mr Venables, who was left with a gaping wound, later underwent surgery.

His right arm is now held together with a metal plate and he now has difficulty performing basic functions such as washing himself and cooking. Six months after the attack he is still receiving treatment for his injury.

Later, after being remanded in custody, Smith wrote letters to Mr Venables warning him that if the case went to court then matters would come out that he would not like people to know.

Smith admitted two charges of unlawful wounding on November 27 2012.

He also admitted perverting the course of justice between 20 and 24 January this year by contacting a witness in a case against himself.

Mark Watson, defending, said Smith acted impulsively and did not realise that he had picked up the sword.

Then when he wielded the weapon the sheath fell off causing him to inflict the injuries.

Mr Watson said: “It was a momentary loss of control resulting in a single blow.

“The extent of the injury cannot possibly have been contemplated and certainly was not intended. It was an impulsive act.”

Jailing Smith for two years and three months, Judge Michael Heath accepted the attack was out of character but serious.

“When Venables issued a threat you lost your temper. You picked up what turned out to be a Samurai sword,” Judge Heath told him.

“You caused serious injury to Venables and you injured Miss Wills’ thumb. A lot of blood poured from the wounds you inflicted.”