Man spat at police officer after being caught urinating in street in view of families

Court news.
Court news.

A man ‘of previously impeccable character’ spat at a police officer after being spotted urinating in the middle of a street where families were present.

Emile Macrin Biega, 37, of Woodville Road, Boston, appeared at the town’s magistrates’ court on Wednesday, and pleaded guilty to assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty.

Prosecutor Nick Todd said Biega was spotted by Pc Ian Ruddock at 1.45pm, on August 20, urinating up onto the side of a telephone box on Carlton Road, while the officer was on mobile patrol.

He said: “There were families in the vicinity and the officer went over and stopped him.”

Mr Todd said Biega’s trousers were down by his knees and he was stumbling about.

“The officer says he went to assist Biega to stand up and had hold of him by the shoulders and that was when Biega spat in the officer’s face,” added Mr Todd.

“The officer believes that was a deliberate action.”

He said Biega was then arrested and when in the custody suite at Boston Police Station, he said he was sorry for what he had done - adding Biega had no previous convictions.

Defending Rachel Stevens said Biega, who had lived in the country for two years and supports his mother back in Poland was a ‘mature man of previous impeccable good character’.

She said that on the date he had had ‘a lot to drink’ adding ‘he is embarrassed that he was urinating in the street and accepts he was in the wrong’, adding that there were parts he couldn’t recall.

However, she said Biega, a field worker, accused the officer of trying to ‘swing a kick’ at his legs when he was being dealt with, causing him to overbalance and fall over.

She added despite this and allegedly having two witnesses, Biega refused to make
a complaint against the officer.

“He wants to put the whole thing behind him,” she said.

Ms Stevens said: “Biega can’t recall spitting in the face of the officer. His guilty plea is based on the fact there are parts he cannot recall.”

Magistrates gave Biega a £65 fine and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge, £50 compensation to the officer and £85 costs.