Man threatened to kill woman with seven inch knife

Court news.
Court news.

A Boston man who threatened to kill a neighbour with a seven inch knife has today (Wednesday) been made the subject of a hospital order by a judge.

David Clough, 33, was detained by police using a taser when he refused to drop the weapon after they were called to Swan House, Trinity Street, in Boston.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Clough suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had been drinking heavily when he began banging on a neighbour’s door at 4.30pm.

Terrified victim Sarah Lee, who lived in a flat above Clough, opened her door on the latch and saw him holding the knife in his left hand, the court was told.

Tony Stanford, prosecuting, said Clough appeared “angry and aggressive”. Miss Lee immediately shut her door and dialled 999 but could hear Clough shouting abuse outside.

Mr Stanford told the court: “He was threatening to stab her and kill her with the knife.”

Clough tried to turn the handle to Miss Lee’s door but then retreated downstairs and was found outside the building when police arrived. When he refused requests to drop the knife a taser was deployed.

Mr Stanford said Clough’s victim was still too distressed to go out and had required her medication to be increased.

The court heard Clough had delusions that he was being persecuted by his neighbours and had been examined by two psychiatrists who both concluded he suffered from chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

Neil Sands, mitigating, told the court Clough had stopped short of trying to force entry in to his neighbour’s flat.

Clough, of Trinity Street, Boston, admitted a charge of affray on 8 March, this year. He was made the subject of a section 37 hospital order and will be treated at a medium secure psychiatric hospital in Leicester.

Passing sentence Judge John Pini QC said there was no question that a hospital order was needed in Clough’s case.

Judge Pini told Clough: “It is clear from the hospital records that you were extremely drunk, and at the hospital a police officer heard you say that you intended to kill your victim.”