Man unwittingly broke restraining order when going to ex’s new next door neighbour to buy cannabis

Court news.
Court news.

A man unwittingly breached a restraining order by not realising his girlfriend had moved – when he went to buy cannabis from her new next door neighbour.

Sam Jack Truepenny, 25, of Kristen Turton Close, Holten Le Clay, appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to the breach.

Prosecutor Marie Stace said the order, made in October 2012, aimed to stop Truepenny speaking to former partner Stacey Baker and not allowing him to go to the address in Boston where she had lived. However, she then moved to a different property.

In a statement Miss Baker said she was awake at 7am on April 13 when she looked out her window and saw Truepenny standing outside. She said she was ‘terrified’ and shouted out the window ‘you need to stay away from here’– to which he shouted back.

She said her mother, who was in the house at the time, also joined her in getting Truepenny to move on.

Eventually police officers moved Truepenny on, although there was some confusion about the restraining order and he was not arrested until a few days later.

Ms Stace clarified that although Truepenny hadn’t broken the order by going to her street, he had broken it the moment he responded to Miss Baker.

Defending himself Truepenny said: “I had no idea Stacey was at that address, I didn’t go to cause trouble.”

He said he had gone to the street to buy ‘weed’ because he suffered mental health issues and prescription drugs ‘make it worse’ – not realising Miss Baker was the supplier’s next door neighour.

After discovering they weren’t in he had decided to wait and that was when Miss Baker had seen him.

He said: “She started trying to shout at me. I think she was trying to get a reaction, I was just like ‘leave me alone mate, do one’.”

He said when police had asked him to leave he had done so, and when they had come back to arrest him he had complied fully.

Magistrates gave Truepenny a conditional discharge, and ordered him to pay £35 costs and £15 victim surcharge. They also amended the order to stop him entering his ex partner’s streets of any of those nearby.