Man used stolen bank card to get money from cash machines

Lincoln Crown Court.
Lincoln Crown Court.

A man who used a stolen bank card to remove money from cash point machines has been jailed for 15 months at Lincoln Crown Court.

Paulo Cunha obtained the card shortly after it was stolen during the burglary of a house in Tunnard Street, Boston and then went on to remove the entire available amount from the account.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said “He completely cleared the account.”

He said that Cunha used the card six times in just two hours to withdraw cash from machines across Boston taking out a total of £220.

Cunha also used the card to obtain cash back from shops.

Later Cunha staged a smash and grab raid on a Cash Converters shop in High Street, Boston.

After breaking a window he reached inside to steal 38 mobile phones and over 50 pieces of jewellery.

Cunha was arrested after another man tried to sell on one of the mobiles and gave Cunha’s name.

Cunha, 40, of Red Lion Street, Boston, admitted acquiring criminal property and six charges of theft on December 8 2013 arising out of the bank card offences. He also admitted burglary of Cash Converters on February 1.

Neil Sands, defending, said Cunha was in regular work until his employer sold up and he found himself having to look for another job.

He said Cunha found it difficult to get full-time work and became increasingly desperate.