Man was arrested after police chase in Boston

A MOTORIST – thrown a bag by a friend who said it contained trainers – panicked and drove off when his friend ran on seeing the police, a court has been told.

Boston magistrates heard last Wednesday Kyle William Chance had been spotted by police walking along Kitwood Road with a carrier bag and he stopped on Woad Farm Road and leaned in to Barrie Ian McColl’s parked Corsa to speak to him and passenger Scott Graves.

Debra Cartwright, prosecuting, said Chance saw police, threw the bag into the car and then ran off although he was later traced and arrested.

“McColl drove off and did not pull over when police indicated for him to stop,” she said.

“Police saw the carrier bag being thrown from the car window and this was retrieved and found to have 83.37g of cannabis in it.

“The car was later found abandoned. It was seized. Fingerprints were found on the bag which were identified as Chance’s, and the passenger in the car Graves which were found on the outside of the bag.

“McColl later presented himself to police.”

Ms Cartwright said Chance had been arrested two days earlier in possession of 50g of cannabis.

Chance, 23, of Chestnut Road, Boston, admitted possession of cannabis on January 31 and February 2.

McColl, 20, of Fishtoft Road, Boston, admitted failing to stop for police in the execution of their duty on February 2, and Graves admitted possession of cannabis on February 2.

Phillipa Chatterton, representing all three men, said Chance knew both men as friends and stopped to say hello and chat when he saw them in the parked car.

“When Chance saw the police he threw the bag in the car and said it contained trainers,” she said.

“He ran and McColl panicked and drove off. Graves – who is not a drug user, but someone who recognised the smell of cannabis – looked inside and saw what it was and then threw it out of the window.”

Magistrates fined McColl £120 and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Graves was given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Chance was given a 12-month community order with a drug rehabilitation requirement. He was also told to pay £85 costs.

Magistrates also ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.