Mini-Batman and mini-Spiderman ‘abduction’ prompts Facebook fears.


Police have reassured residents that two children – dressed as super heroes – have not been abducted, after reports circulated on Facebook.

A force spokesman said a report of abduction had been made to police at 4.30pm on Wednesday, April 30, however it turned out to be nothing sinister.

Someone in a queue for the traffic lights on the Woodville Road and Sleaford Road junction reported seeing a male in front get out his car, leaving his engine running, and grab a child dressed as Batman, along with one dressed as Spiderman and take them back to the car.

However, a police investigation revealed the male to be the children’s parent who had collected them after school – which had held a superhero day.

The spokesman said: “It was all perfectly legitimate and not an abduction, however, we do appreciate the fact somebody rang in very quickly.

“If the circumstances had been different we could have had a worse case on our hands.”