Mum's shock as yobs hurl slab of rock through her front door

Shattered glass on Georgina's son's toys
Shattered glass on Georgina's son's toys

A mum has told of her anger and shock after a yob threw a large slab of rock through her front window.

And she says she is just glad she wasn’t at home with her two year-old-son when the vandalism happened, with shards of shattered glass ending up over his toys in the hall.

The shattered front door window

The shattered front door window

Georgina Dosset, who lives on the Hardwick Estate in Kirton, says she doesn’t feel she has been targeted and that it was just drunk adults or teenagers misbehaving.

Police did visit her neighbours to try and get more information, but have now told her there is little they can do to catch those responsible.

Georgina says she feels sad and disappointed that this has happened to her home, but is relieved she wasn’t there with her son.

“We’d gone to stay at friends for night at Waddington. The next morning, I got a call from neighbours to say someone had smashed my front door window,” said Georgina.

“I was like, what do you mean, and they said someone had thrown a slab through the window.

She raced home to checkout the damage and says it appears that the yobs weren’t trying to do anything other than smash the window, as there was no apparent attempt to get in, and her purse and car keys were in the house on view.

“It just appears to be drunken idiots basically,” she said. “If I’d been there with my little boy, imagine waking up to that late at night. You wouldn’t know what to do, would you?”

She said that it had become more noticeable that teenagers and young adults had been causing issues around the area.

She posted details and pictures from the incident on the Kirton, Frampton & Wyberton Community Group (Lincolnshire) Facebook group and warned others to be vigilant.

“I will be installing CCTV around my property now. It is very sad and disappointing that someone would do this.”