MURDER TRIAL: Boyfriend tells court murder accused admitted to stabbing somebody

Stephen Sleaford.
Stephen Sleaford.
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A jury has been told how a Boston man is said to have admitted to stabbing somebody and ‘always carrying a knife’ after rescuing a lone teenage girl from a molestor.

Stephen Sleaford, 38, is alleged to have knifed Janusz Smoderek, 48, in the heart after going to help the crying 18-year-old as she was assaulted by the drunk flower packer.
Sleaford and two friends were walking home from the Axe and Cleaver pub when they heard the girl’s ‘hysterical screams’ after Smoderek grabbed both of her breasts, a jury heard.

A murder trial this week was told Sleaford at first acted in a ‘lawful and praise worthy’ manner when he and another man separated Smoderek from the frightened teenager who was targeted as she walked home alone.
Smoderek, whose wife had remained in their native Poland after falling ill, was on his way home after visiting the Dream Girls lap dancing club and had been filmed on CCTV ‘hovering’ around Boston town centre when he suddenly appeared in front of the girl, Lincoln Crown Court was told.

Having intervened to help the girl and made sure Smoderek was no longer a threat it is alleged Sleaford then knifed the sex attacker in the chest as they wrestled on the floor.

The jury heard Sleaford and the girl left the alleged murder scene at around 4.30am with Mr Smoderek slumped over a hedge making a ‘vomiting noise’.

Tests showed the father-of-three was nearly three times over the drink-drive limit for alcohol when his body was found in a nearby garden on Sleaford Road three hours later. A post mortem showed he had suffered six separate stab wounds including a fatal injury which had ‘pierced’ his heart.

Sleaford, of no fixed address, denies carrying out the stabbing and says it was Mr Smoderek with the knife.

But the jury were told Sleaford admitted to stabbing somebody shortly after the alleged murder when he walked the girl to meet her concerned boyfriend.

The girl’s boyfriend, who can not be named for legal reasons, told the jury he shook Sleaford by the hand and asked him ‘have you stabbed somebody?’.

Sleaford said ‘yes’ and when asked what with replied ‘a knife, I always carry a knife’, the boyfriend added.

The defence claim his memory is wrong and Sleaford actually told him: “I’m Stephen Sleaford, I’ve just rescued her from being attacked by a man with a knife.”

But the boyfriend insisted: “Not to my recollection.”

Sleaford denies the murder of Janusz Smoderek on September, 11, 2011. The trial, which is expected to last four weeks, continues.