MURDER TRIAL: Landlord ‘never meant to kill anyone’

Court news.
Court news.

A landlord accused of murdering two people in his flat in Boston told a jury he had no intention of killing anyone.

Mehmet Ozen, 41, denies the murder of his flat mate’s partner and best friend during a dispute at their rented house in Red Lion Street.

It is alleged Ozen “went crazy” and stabbed flat mate Keyleigh Wright following a row over rent money. The prosecution claim he then stabbed to death Miss Wright’s boyfriend, Darren Harwood, and her pal, Charlotte Piccaver, both 26.

But giving evidence at Lincoln Crown Court on Friday, Ozen told a murder jury trial it was Miss Wright who came in to his bedroom at 4.30am armed with a knife.

“I could read violence on her face,” Ozen told the jury.

Ozen said he was injured as he grabbed the knife from Miss Wright and was then set on by Mr Harwood and Miss Piccaver.

“When they jumped on me I fell back on to my bed. When they pushed me I thought I need my strength, this is the time to defend myself, “ Ozen added.

Ozen told the jury he did not remember stabbing either Miss Piccaver or Mr Harwood during the struggle.

Asked if he intended to kill Miss Wright he replied: “Absolutely not, because I never though of killing a person.

“I had only just got my passport and had not seen my parents for 19 years.”

Emergency services arrived just after 5 am arrived to find Miss Piccaver dead on the floor in Ozen’s bedroom.

Mr Harwood, who lived in Sleaford and worked as a DJ at the Magnet Tavern in Boston, was seriously injured after being stabbed four times. He was bleeding heavily and died later in hospital while undergoing an operation.

The jury heard that Miss Wright together with Mr Harwood and Miss Piccaver had been arrested 48 hours before the fatal night after Ozen complained of being assaulted.

Ozen told the jury he first rang the police after making a complaint about his house mate’s noise. Ozen said the flat was visited by the police but less than a minute after the officer left he was headbutted by Miss Piccaver while Mr Harwood held his wrists.

The court heard police returned to the flat and Ozen was treated by an ambulance. Miss Wright, Mr Harwood and Miss Piccaver were all arrested but came back to the flat the following afternoon.

“I was quite shocked because the police officer promised me they would not come back,” Ozen added.

Ozen, 41, of Red Lion Street, Boston, denies the murders of Darren Harwood and Charlotte Piccaver and the attempt murder of Keyleigh Wright on 21 April this year.

The trial continues.