MURDER TRIAL: Survivor gives evidence of ‘aggressive’ attack

Flowers on Red Lion Street, Boston.
Flowers on Red Lion Street, Boston.

The woman who survived an alleged knife attack in which two of her friends died has given evidence in a double murder trial.

Mehmet Ozen, 41, of Red Lion Street, Boston, denies the murders of Darren Harwood and Charlotte Piccaver and the attempted murder of Keyleigh Wright on April 21 this year.

Keyleigh Wright, 24, told the jury today that she was confronted by Ozen as she entered the kitchen to get a drink.

She said: “He came out of his bedroom shouting at me about the rent. I couldn’t really understand him. He was aggressive.

“The next I remember is him waving a knife in my face. I screamed at him to leave me alone.

“I came at me with the knife. He stepped forward and lunged up towards my throat. I put my right arm up. If I hadn’t done that the knife would have got my throat.

“It cut my arm.”

Keyleigh said she then remembered Charlotte Piccaver coming to her aid and then Ozen stabbed her (Wright) again in the side.

“I didn’t see Darren. I started going to the floor in the kitchen. My next memory is seeing Charlotte lying on the bedroom floor. I don’t know how she came to be there.

“Ozen was stood over Charlotte but I didn’t see the knife. Then I saw Darren on the kitchen floor.”

Under cross-examination Ms Wright denied that she attacked Ozen with the knife and he then acted in self defence.

It was suggested to her that she took a knife into Ozen’s bedroom in an attempt to force him to give return her rent money.

She said: “No. That didn’t happen.”

Ms Wright admitted to the jury that she had previous convictions for abusive behaviour and spent the night before the trial in police custody after being arrested over an allegation that she assaulted her step-mum.

The jury was shown CCTV footage of Ms Wright being involved in two separate fights earlier on the fatal night.

Defence barrister Gareth Evans QC suggested that she was “fighting mad” but she replied “No. You didn’t see what happened before.”

The trial continues.