New police role to build trust with migrant communities

PC Emma Carlin, new police officer just for integration.
PC Emma Carlin, new police officer just for integration.

A newly-created police role will engage with migrant communities in Boston in a bid to build trust.

PC Emma Carlin’s position as the community beat manager specifically for migrant communities will involve visiting shops, factories and residents to advise, educate and break down barriers between police, migrants and other members of the community.

PC Carlin says many migrant communities are distrustful or afraid of police because of experiences in their own countries.

Of the challenge ahead, she said: “From feedback so far, it does seem like quite a few people from migrant communities seem to be afraid of police and talking to the police.”

“Because of this perception from themselves and their community, people don’t like to be seen helping the police or getting involved.”

Lincolnshire Police insist the role is not a knee-jerk reaction to any specific incident or incidents, pointing to the fact similar roles already exist in other areas of the UK.

For more on this story, see tomorrow’s (Wednesday, April 20) Boston Standard.