North Sea Camp absconder could not cope with condition, court told

AN INMATE walked out of North Sea Camp open prison because he could not cope with the “chaotic” conditions, Lincoln Crown Court was told yesterday (Monday).

James Workman, who was serving an indeterminate jail sentence for public protection, had been moved to the Category D prison as part of his progression towards being released.

But last month he walked out after unsuccessfully attempting to raise issues with prison staff.

Workman travelled out of the area by train and after staying with a friend went to his ex-wife’s house in Newark before handing himself in to police.

His lawyer Liz Harte told the court “On 2 July he arrived at North Sea Camp and then things started to go awry. All about it appeared to him to be potential chaos.

“He decided he had to ask for help. He took the matter up with the people who he established were the right people - the offender manager unit.

“He literally knocked on the door. He was immediately turned away and was threatened with a disciplinary violation. In those circumstances he decided to leave.”

Workman is now back in the more secure Lincoln Prison continuing to serve his original sentence, which was imposed in 2009 for offences of violence.

The 33-year-old, of no fixed address, admitted escaping from custody on September 16 and was given a three-month cutodial sentence to run alongside the indeterminate sentence he continues to serve.