North Sea Camp absconder was a violent rapist who ‘should never have been there’

CCTV image of David Razzaque in Derby
CCTV image of David Razzaque in Derby

The man who walked out of Boston’s open prison this week was a violent rapist who should not have been allowed there, according to someone who knew him while he was behind bars.

A worker who had close contact with David Razzaque in the prison system told The Standard: “He’s a violent, violent person with a long long list of sexual deviances.”

The worker, who did not wish to be named, added: “He is one of the most horrible human beings you will ever come across.”

The Ministry of Justice are still to confirm any details on Razzaque, who is now thought to be at large in Derby.

However the Standard has been able to determine a series of details that highlight the horrific nature of his offences.

In 1995 he attacked a 19-year-old man with a hammer after tying up his 17-year-old girlfriend.

He went on to repeatedly rape her and threaten her with a knife while her six-month-old baby was in the house.

A year earlier he is said to have raped a 26-year-old woman at that same address in Derby.

Razzaque had already been sentenced to three years in prison for trying to stab a police officer after attacking his own mother.

The Standard understands that he was sentenced to two life sentences for the two attacks, as well as a further nine years after he admitted abducting another woman with the intention of raping her in December 1994.

When asked why such an offencer may have found his way to an open prison such as North Sea Camp, the anonymous worker replied: “He should never have been there. He’s obviously one who beat the system. Ian Huntley beat the system too didn’t he?”

He added: “The public of Boston need to know about this.”

Lincolnshire Police have today issued a CCTV picture of Razzaque leaving Derby railway station on the evening of his escape.

Anyone who saw him board the train in Boston is urged to contact officers immediately on 101 quoting incident 423 of January 26.