North Sea Camp defends record after exposé raised drug smuggling fears

North Sea Camp
North Sea Camp

HMP North Sea Camp has defended itself following an expose by Channel 4 News which raised fears over drugs being smuggled into the facility.

It ran a report looking at Britain’s prisons, including the Frieston Shore facility, withllegations including letting a convicted murderer drive a prison bus, and drugs being smuggled into the prison.

A prison service spokesman said there was no evidence drugs had been smuggled in, but said the service was taking the allegation seriously.

They said: “We do not tolerate drugs in prison and the level of positive drug tests in prisons have fallen sharply when compared to a decade ago. Prisoners caught using drugs are subject to strict sanctions.

“Prisoners nearing the end of their sentence are helped to prepare for their eventual release, where appropriate, by taking on employment outside prison which will stop them from returning to a life of crime. Only rigorously risk-assessed prisoners are allowed to take part.”