North Sea Camp feature: Factfile - Prison life

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Some more facts about life at North Sea Camp:

l The prison has a daily food budget of £1.85 per prisoner. A day’s menu consists of a full cooked breakfast, a soup and roll for dinner and a hot evening meal with dessert. Often many of the ingredients come from the site’s own farm to cut down on cost.

l Prisoners can earn £2.50 a day working at the prison up to a maximum of £15 a week. They can spend this on a set list of groceries for themselves which they can keep in their rooms.

l Prisoners working outside the prison can have private vehicles in which to travel to and from work, these vehicles are checked regularly and parked in a secure car park.

l North Sea Camp was involved in local league football a few years ago but had to drop out. It is hoping to start again in the next year.

l The camp has won a number of shows and competitions for its working farm and the animals it breeds including sheep (pictured) and pigs.