North Sea Camp’s vetting defended after robber and sex offender failed to return

THE prison service has defended its assessments of prisoners who are released on temporary licence following searches for two inmates in recent weeks.

Searches were held for robber Eithan Teanby and sex offender John Whiteside after failing to return to North Sea Camp at the end of May.

Whiteside was later found, while Teanby was arrested and charged in Nottingham in connection with a post office robbery in Scunthorpe.

A prison service spokesman defended day release procedures and said it prepared prisoners for their eventual release.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “Prisoners may be released on temporary licence providing they meet strict criteria and pass a rigorous risk assessment. Only those assessed as representing minimal risk of escape or risk of harm to the public are eligible.”

He added that if prisoners breach their licence, they will be subject to disciplinary proceedings.